Safe Sleep

Young children are beloved, precious and, in some ways, fragile. No one knows this better than a child care professional. The steps below will ensure safer nap times for the children in your care, peace of mind for the parents you serve and excellence for your child care program.


There’s new infant health information available all the time. The big and small steps we should take to keep them safe have changed, even in the last year. 

Keep your safe sleep knowledge current:


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  • Place infants on their backs to sleep.
  • Use a firm crib mattress covered in a fitted sheet for infant’s naptime. Babies should not sleep in a bed, couch or chair.
  • Keep cribs clear of blankets, toys, pillows or any soft objects.
  • Protect babies from second-hand smoke.
  • Light clothing for sleeping
  • Encourage pacifier use

Parents will be relieved to hear you’re committed to safe sleep.

  • Share your approach to naptime.  Make it clear exactly how you watch over infants while they sleep while also keeping older children engaged and busy.
  • Let them know that you place babies on their backs to sleep because this keeps them safe.
  • Explain that SUIDS is a real occurrence and that the best prevention is information and a commitment to protect them every day, every naptime.
  • Show them this webpage.

We recommend safe sleep skills be updated whenever new safe sleep trainings are announced.